Se hizo la noche (y nosotros en la kombi!)

Mendoza - llegada

[Translation coming soon!] Llegamos a Mendoza atravesando viñedos y olivos. Nos recibieron (muy bien!) los García – Lazo, amigos de mi hermana que decidieron venirse a vivir a esta ciudad. Cande, de Tornquist, quería volver al interior pero a una ciudad más grande y sin conocerla le dijo a Sebas: vamos a Mendoza. Y aquí estaban, con José de 2 y el próximo al caer, muy contentos, disfrutando la familia, amigos nuevos y de la intimidad especial que tiene el vivir lejos de terrenos conocidos. Revolucionamos la casa no habituada a estos temblores que provocan 4 chicos con ganas de moverse. Sebas, gran asador, preparó una bondiola con previa picada de salame mendocino y de las mejores berenjenas en escabeche que hemos probado, especialidad de su mamá.

Con Garcia - Laso

Sigue leyendo

Llego el día! (crónica de los primeros días del viaje)

[Translation coming soon!] Y de repente nos encontramos cargando la kombi. Manoteando y metiendo en la cartera un rejunte de c osas que iba encontrando por la casa: un Off, un par de medias, unos auriculares, una libreta….Esa sensación que siempre tengo de estar olvidandome algo…

Partimos saludando por las ventanas, y escoltados por mi hermano y primo que nos acompañaron hasta Márquez y Panamericana donde nos esperaba otro grupo para un último adiós. Y con esos abrazos frescos encaramos la Panamericana. Nos miramos:  lo hicimos! Cinco o seis meses después de esa charla antológica en la plaza, estábamos concretando el sueño. Y nos sentíamos bien, tranquilos. El delirio se había transformado en un proyecto inevitable. Sigue leyendo

Nuestra Señora de Luján concédenos buen viaje…

Lujan - blog - baja[Translation coming soon!] Hay tradiciones, gustos, manías familiares que uno arrastra por la vida. En lo de Walker nadie perdía las llaves, guardaban las cosas con film en la heladera, comían berenjenas y cuando salían de viaje entonaban: “Nuestra Señora de Luján concédenos buen viaje, San Cristóbal ruega por nosotros”. Ahora en nuestra familia hacemos todo esto (bueno yo sigo perdiendo las llaves…).

Queremos consagrar el viaje a la Virgen de Lujan. La idea era pasar a saludarla el día de la partida, originalmente prevista para el sábado 7, pero como nos quedan algunos temas menores que resolver decidimos posponerla para la semana que viene, entre lunes y miércoles. El sábado 7 haremos, toda Sigue leyendo

Francisca´s story


Francisca el día que la compramos.

Many people ask us why we travel in a kombi. It goes only at 85 km/h? Without air conditioning? Dou you all fit there? Does It have 35 years? Will it take you all the way? They look at us astonished. What a good trip but… couldn´t you go in another vehicle? Others, on the other hand, think it´s funny, brings them childhood memories (a friend told me with nostalgia: I learnt to drive in a Kombi), from movies (the Little Miss Sunshine memorable scene with the bizarre family pushing the kombi)… When we decided to embrace this adventure, we made (actually Catire made), a market study… I don´t know why the Kombi has always been the first choice, but we looked the arguments to convince ourselves that in fact it was the best choice. We looked at spectacular motor homes (with spectacular prices), trucks, jeeps… But we always went back to the Kombi. One day at the roadside of the Rower´s Path (Camino de los Remeros), in Tigre, a friend of us who traveled to Alaska with his wife ( told us about its multiple benefits. Sitting in the back seat of that little rounded, nice box, and surrounded by crochet dolls, I tried to imagine myself with our four children inside. It could be… Summarizing; 1) It is relatively cheap. Much cheaper than any of the other options we were considering. 2) Apparently it has a simple engine. Any mechanic should be able to fix it. The parts are cheap and can be bought easily. 3) It is likeable and doesn´t call the attention. It has a retro aura and for many people it´s an icon (this video talks about that). All this also makes it safer. 4) We don´t mind that it goes slowly. It will make us slow down. We´ll be able to see more details that we would probably miss if we were going at 120 km/h. 5) And about the heat, well we´ll have to take care of it with a lot of ice and water. After all, our generation grew up without air conditioning… With these conclusions in mind, we went out looking. Mercado Libre, De Autos, webs for Kombi lovers, we got inside a community that´s very cool: web pages, gatherings, clubs… We started to find some, but none of them was the one. Until Francisca appeared: a couple of boyfriends that had the intention of traveling through America, making recipes, was selling it. The love had ended and the project was left behind. Our main advisor, Diego, saw it, and said “this is it”. This was a turning point. Buying the Kombi meant to pass from an idea to reality. And the nerves creped in hard (still with me, now a little weaker but still here…). All of a sudden, the night before the purchase, we realized that the trip was a serious thing. We were in bed, with the money ready to do the payment, and I told Catire: wait, this is crazy. When did we got in this madness?… Catire stared at me startled. I think that in the bottom of my heart I always believed it to be impossible. I was full of fear. In a perfect speech I listed every reason not to do the trip. We agreed: we had to call it off. Long night. Everything lost its color. In the darkness the disappointment was oppressive. The alarm clock went off at 6:30. And I turned around and said: let´s buy it either way, if we don´t need it we´ll sell it. The black and white movie changed to color. And the adrenaline that goes with exiting projects filled the environment again. Hours later, Fransisca was parked in the door of our house.

Miss sunshine

We imagine that we will be honouring Little Miss Sunshine many times…

The last preparations…

Kombi con logo - bajaThe last month is already here. There are still many issues to attend. The Kombi is almost finished on the outside, there are only final touch-ups to do. The engine is at Rudy´s, -who is said to be the best kombi´s mechanic in Argentina- for the last check up. Now we are taking care of the interior: isolating, covering the walls, putting together the seats, table, sink… Catire with Iñaki´s help, my brother, is working very hard, measuring, cutting, doing and undoing. In the meanwhile we are taking medical check-ups, organizing school issues and distance education programs that the children will have to follow. Gathering the basics that we´ll have to take. Rounding up music to accompany us. Arranging the route, looking for contacts, friends of friends who wish to invite us to stay in their homes, checking the insufficient budget, as it should be… And starting to making this story public. We wish to travel accompanied. We are starting to let our nerves show. The adrenaline of the imminent trip. Days start to fly by. But we are already all in this adventure that started recently but is very promising.