Francisca grumbles in Central America


Entering  Nicaragua was long and expensive, the most complicated crossing of the trip. Cala was so crossed: why the borders? she asks. There are big  differences between the borders of South and Central America. In Central America  chaos reigns, the buildings are gray and dirty, and inhabited by people  who tell us that with a good tip they can made  procedures easier, anachronic , useless procedures. Finally, we passed under heavy downpour. Very good Nicaraguan routes, lined with green trees and red flowers “malinches”. Then a sea on the right: is Lago Nicaragua , huge and chopped. We slept at the Hostal Suleyka. The owner was away but sent us a mail with the invitation. Thank You! Early in the morning we drove to Granada, a city of colors, cobblestone streets and many foreigners who chose to live there. Seeking a Wi-Fi to connect our telephone and computer we spotted a kombi and appealing to the sense of camaraderie we parked behind, in front of a laundry.  Sigue leyendo