The Meeting

world-meeting-of-families-philadelphia-2015-logoWhen we began to move from utopia to reality and the possibility of making a family trip began to take shape we find that the World Meeting of Families was going to be held in the city of Philadelphia in September this year. We did not know it existed. Catire took part in one of the World Meeting of Youth but we were not aware that there was one focused on family.

It was a big surprise and it ended up making sense and a goal for the trip: We are a family that travels through America to meet other families that go to Philadelphia to celebrate with Father Jorge, Pope Francisco.

The meeting was introduced by John Paul II in 1994. It is held every three years and is sponsored by the Consejo Pontificio de la Santa Sede para la Familia and today is the world’s largest catholic meeting of families. Each meeting has a motto that gives energy and life to the event. The motto of the World Meeting of Families – Philadelphia 2015 is «Love is our mission: the family fully alive», emphasizing the impact of love and life of families in our society.

In Philadelphia we will join the delegation from Argentina that will attend the event.

This is the link to the event’s website:

¡¡All those who want to send photographs of their families or special requests send them to o us and we will deliver them!!

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  1. Familia, que divina experiencia !!!! inolvidable para los chicos, y tremenda para fortalecer a la familia, nosotros vamos desde uruguay al encuentro tambien, tenemos 4 chicas y estamos los 6 muy entusiasmados, no solo con conocer a Francisco sino tambien con vivir ese encuentro en familia y compartirlo con familias de todo el mundo, ojala seamos muchos !!! pero seguro nos cruzamos por alla, los estaremos siguiendo… seguro la Virgen va con ustedes !!!

    Me gusta

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