The idea

«Life grows when we give it but it weakens in isolation and comfort. In fact those who enjoy life are those who leave the safety of the shore and are passionate by the mission of communicating life to others. » Aparecida Document, 360“

In March 2015, we left Buenos Aires on our kombi VW (model 1980) with Philadelphia as our final destination, home of the World Meeting of Families (22 to 27 September), which will be attended by Pope Francisco. We decided to carry out now a project that we had dreamed to achieve «when the children grow» and make it a family experience. And why?

To celebrate family. It is a gift that we make for ourselves and that we want to leave to our children. Not a vacation, not a competition. We’ll spend time on what we cherish more: the family, doing something we all love: traveling. We leave our country to meet other families, some similar to us, others very different, to nourish ourselves with experiences and realities that will appear along this road.

We will learn to travel light. We are many, but the space and the budget are limited. We´ll take only the essentials to focus on what’s important. To experiment the detachment. Losing control and enjoy uncertainty. Take one day at a time and enjoy it.

Get out of the beaten path. What will happen when we come back? Are we going to get a job? Where will we live? Do kids can study at a distance? If we get sick? It is safe? Shall we find open doors? And If we run out of money? We will have to face and overcome many fears that bind us, to live an experience of intense family.

Spread the World Meeting of Families. We believe in the family as a force for change for a better world and a privileged place to live and be happy. Pope Francisco, who has inspired us, is working hard to protect and foster families. We want to join this celebration, make the meeting known. We identify with the motto: «The family is fully alive.»

We will continue to work in the family ministry. In Buenos Aires we work with Father Gustavo Antico on Hacer crecer, a community of lay couples that, from our own experience feel the call to make a proposal for reflection and encouragement to other couples to discover their deepest desires, needs and maturation commitments.

22 comentarios en “The idea

  1. Hola Noe! Me parece increíble lo que están haciendo. No solo por la experiencia, sino por lo que mencionas al principo: salirse del tablero, perder el control, desapegarse, volver a lo fundamental. Que enseñanza para los hijos, y nada mejor que con hechos! Los felicito! Y rezo por uds! Leeré ansiosamente sus relatos. Un beso!

    Me gusta

  2. Chicos nos da una alegrìa enorme y es muy inspirador lo que estàn emprendiendo!!!
    Les deseamos lo mejor, y los vamos a estar siguiendo.. y quien dice?!! quizas nos sumemos en alguna parte!!!! beso enorme!! Ale, Gaby y Bautista Avila.

    Me gusta

  3. Me conmueve la aventura que emprenden que dios los bendiga y que en su ruta los acompañe que sera así….me hicieron pensar y creo que les copiare la idea ehhhhhh…

    Me gusta

  4. Hola Noel ! Estas mandando un mensaje hermoso para todo el mundo !
    Espero que pasen por casa para descansar.
    Seguimos leyendo las aventuras del camino…

    Alina Gusman

    Me gusta

  5. Hola Alfredo! Que experiencia! Cuanto los felicito por atreverse a los que pocos de nosotros nos atrevemos! No me sorprende…siempre te vi como un hombre libre! Les mando a vos y a toda tu familia muchísimas fuerzas…Todavía hoy sigo pensando si tengo una hija mujer ponerle Cala…ame ese nombre! Adelante y acá estoy para lo que necesites!

    Me gusta

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